Why is the map not displayed?

When the map doesn't show, this almost always means you have a Javascript issue *above* the Javascript the Locator inserts in your page to initialize the map.

1)  A single location may be causing your map to not display correctly.  This may be evident if one set of search results displays the map, but another search does not.  That usually indicates there is some bad data in one or more location's data fields.  The most typical culprit is "newline" characters added during the import process causing the javascript to fail.  Using the Javascript Console (Activated by F12 in Windows and  CMD+ALT J in OSX can show you exactly which location is causing the problem.  Click on the red error message displayed for details.

2)  A conflicting component or template may interrupt the map.  Joomla relys on your template to output Javascript in the correct position and we rely on that as application developers.  Some templates are better than others and may not follow Joomla's rules.  Similarly, some components may interrupt, change or remove our Javascript code output.  We can't support all templates or components but will do our best to help you identify the problem area.  Your browser's Javascript console (described above) can be indispensible in helping you identify the cause.

3) CSS may hide your map.  Similar to #2, your template's style may happen to have rules in it that hide your map.  We can't provide detailed advice on that matter here, but you may contact your template developer or investigate using your browser's built-in Element Inspector to see the CSS affecting a given element.