Using the Payment Module

The Dponations & Payments component includes a module that can be used to display the donations received.

It automatically updates as payments are made.  It includes a number of options for display:

Show Thermomter:  This option hides or enables the animated thermometer.

Show Text of percent goal?:  This option displays a text summary of the progress toward the set Fundraising Goal

Width: This sets the width of the Flash thermometer

Currency Symbol:  The symbol to use on the thermometer for currency (E.g. $ or EU)

Thermometer Max Value: The highest value that can be represented by the thermometer

Thermometer Scale Markers: This allows you to enter scale values displayed on the thermometer.

Fundraising Goal:  The goal dollar value used when calculating your progress

Show X Recent Donations:  Enter the number of donations to display the actual dollar amounts in text format below the thermometer

Configuration Id(s): This setting allows you to control which payments are displayed on this calculator.  Enter the ID number of the configuration here to filter the payments to a certain configuration.